Google Play Store Wants To Ban Apps With Misleading Names And Icons

Google has announced a number of new regulations for the names and icons of apps in the Play Store. As Google writes in its developer blog, the quality of the listings should be improved this way by weed out misleading apps.

In recent years, more and more app developers have included information such as the download rank or indications that the app is free of charge in the logo or in the name of their listing.

A series of generic images explains how to name an application, avoiding elements such as those mentioned above. Nor can you use numbers or elements that make you think that this application is better than others.

App titles should also be a maximum of 30 characters in the future. In addition, the use of certain elements in the application icon is prevented, such as images of trophies and texts that announce that an application is on sale. Obviously, promotions can continue, but it must be explained in the application description, not in the icon or title.

All these conditions will be mandatory at some point in the second half of this year when Google confirms it. App listings with icons, titles or developer names that violate the new requirements will be removed from the Play Store by Google. The early announcement has been for developers to have time to change their applications with new guidelines.

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