Google Requires Android App Developers to Provide Options for Data Deletion

Google recently announced that Android app developers would be required to give choices for users to delete their accounts and in-app data online. The change will make it easier for users to manage data and accounts linked with Android apps.

Users will notice a “delete data” link in their Google Play Store listings beginning in early 2024, which they may use to request the deletion of their accounts and/or data. According to Google, developers who provide in-app account deletion capabilities must also give a web-based option. This allows Google to remove data without the user having to reload the programme.

According to Google’s new policy, when an account is requested to be deleted, the related data must likewise be wiped out. Developers may, however, save certain data for valid reasons such as security, anti-fraud, or regulatory compliance. Developers must explicitly state how they retain such data in such instances.

The new Play Store policies will go into effect early next year, and developers have until December 7th to give information on their data deletion practices. Data deletion information provided to the app’s store listing will be presented in the “Data deletion” area and “Data safety” part, with updated data deletion badges beginning in early 2024.

Developers cannot launch or update new applications if the requisite removal practices are not submitted. Developers can request an extension until May 31st via the Play Console, after which non-compliant applications will be removed from Google Play.

Google’s action follows Apple’s statement that developers of applications with account creation choices must include a means to remove accounts from within the app by 2022.

Google is committed to safeguarding user privacy by providing the option for data erasure. By adhering to the new guideline, app developers may also help to preserve user privacy. The policy, however, will not be completely implemented until 2024, giving developers plenty of time to ready their platforms.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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