Google Reportedly Unveiling Foldable Pixel Phone at Google I/O

Google is reportedly launching its first-ever foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold, on May 10th at its annual developer conference, Google I/O.

According to internal information obtained by CNBC, the Pixel Fold, which Google calls “Felix,” will have a durable, foldable hinge and cost more than $1,700. This waterproof, pocket-sized smartphone has a 5.8-inch exterior screen that unfolds like a book to show a tablet-sized 7.6-inch screen.

The Pixel Fold will weigh approximately 280 grams and boast a battery life of 24 hours, which can last up to 72 hours in low power mode. It will also feature Google’s new Tensor G2 chip. This chip offers a socket-on-chip architecture that integrates all components onto a single circuit board, unlike motherboard-based architectures that include removable components like memory, processors, and storage.

Google is offering the full foldable phone experience for the first time with the Pixel Fold, which will also include exclusive features powered by Tensor processors not available on all Android phones. The Pixel Fold will have a trade-in offer that lets consumers trade in their current Pixel, iPhone, or Android phone for a discount on the Pixel Fold. In addition, purchasers of the new smartphone will receive a free Pixel Watch.

With a durable, foldable hinge and exclusive features powered by Tensor processors, the Pixel Fold offers a fully foldable phone experience. However, it may face challenges in selling easily, as Google is expected to announce the Pixel 8 this fall.

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