Hackers Access Thousands Of Security Cameras From Hospitals, Schools, And A Tesla Plant

The security startup Verkada has suffered a cyberattack, giving hackers access to more than 150,000 security cameras located in hospitals, schools, prisons, Cloudflare offices, and even a Tesla plant.

According to Bloomberg, which collects the testimonies of one of the members of the group of hackers that attacked the Verkada system, the idea behind this attack was to show how easy the security cameras of this company can be to hack.

And it is that Tillie Kottman, the member in question, explains that the intention was not to attack the cameras as such to harm the company but, again, to shed light on the relevance of the security problems that the devices of this firm have. A representative of the company has already assured that they are taking action on the matter.

In fact, they have prevented any type of illicit access “by disabling internal administration accounts.” Verkada’s security team is already “investigating the scale and scope of this problem.”

But how did hackers get into the camera system? Hackers gained administrator-level access to the Verkada system using login credentials of a Super Administrator account they found publicly on the internet. Once inside, they had the entire Verkada system at their disposal to later access the camera networks.

Cameras, by the way, located in Tesla factories and even in hospitals and technological and health institutions. As if that were not enough, in addition to the images of the security cameras, the group assures that they were able to access the complete list of the startup’s clients, including the financial information of the agreements of these companies.

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