This Website From IBM Allows Anyone To Run Experiments On An Actual Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer or Quantum Computing is not a well-established field since all major companies — like Google, Microsoft, IBM — still in the early research stage.

But recently IBM come up with a bold idea, that allows developers, programmers, and researchers to experience the real power of an actual Quantum Computer as a cloud service.

IBM Quantum Experience [IBM Q]a website from IBM allows interested parties to access a Quantum Computer to run experimental programs. Although the actual IBM Quantum Computer is located in New York IBM Research Lab.

IBM Quantum Experience also provides programming interface and tools — Quantum Composer and QISKit software developer kit — to create and run algorithms on real quantum computing hardware.

In IBM Q, programmers can start creating projects by simply drag and drop quantum objects to the interface. The whole programming interface looks like that looks like musical notation.

IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal Quantum Computers for business and science. According to the IBM, users can access a fully stable 5 qubit Quantum Computer to run quantum algorithms. Or they can even use a 16 qubit processor — which is in beta stage — for more complex experimentation.

Weeks ago IBM Quantum Computer outranked all others, including Google, in attaining Quantum Computing supremacy. IBM acquired 56-qubits Quantum Computing supremacy which simulated with only 4.5 terabytes of memory where Google is on second position with a 49-qubit machine.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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