Indian Government To Replace Microsoft Windows With Its Own Operating System BOSS

Indian government is all set to release a new and improved version of the operating system for official use.

As the part of ” Make In India ” program, Indian government is going to  launch a new and improved version of its own operating system (OS) named Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS).According to the reports BOSS replace Microsoft Windows and all other OS for official use in future.

The new Linux-based operating system BOSS is developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), with the help of Gujarat Technical University, DRDO and some other private computer manufacturers.The officials are planning to make it available to all government stakeholders later this month.

The main reason for the replacement of OS is because of countless attacks by Chinese hackers on key government websites and protect govt. data’s from other major vulnerabilities.

“Government’s need have a fully secure network. Fresh codes unique to the system have been written for the OS. Its source code that makes it safe and secure will have to be guarded at all cost,”  — sources told DNA.

Reportedly, the new OS comes with a virtual keyboard on the display screen itself and a bulk file converter which ensures a safe and speedy transfer of data. And it will support 18 languages including regional languages including Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam.It has successfully tested fending itself from all kinds of attacks during the past three months of trial. Several government agencies including the Army intelligence were given the task to attack it to test its vulnerability status but they all failed to break it.

National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) of India developed BOSS in 2007. The latest version of BOSS was released in 2013 and has undergone many changes to fit the process. The OS has almost all the features of Microsoft Windows and is completely secured and easy to use.However, the new OS can help India take a substantial step to prepare defend any type of cyber attacks to official online services and will be able to take care of both the individual computer as well as the networking.

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