Intel Announces Alder Lake: 12th Generation Of Intel Core Processors

Intel has announced its 12th generation of Intel Core processors called Alder Lake.

Alder Lake will be the first mainstream Intel CPUs to feature a mix of high-performance and low-power cores — which is common across mobile SoCs today.

The new Intel Alder Lake CPU comes with 16 cores, 8 of them for performance and the rest for energy efficiency. It also increases up to 24 threads and supports DDR5 RAM, as well as a 5th generation PCI Express interface that doubles the band speed compared to the fourth generation PCIe. The graphics are equipped with a Gen12.2 (Xe), an iGPU that multiplies the performance of the Gen12 (Xe) by two.

The new 12th generation Intel Core launches the LGA-1700 socket platform and two form factors: BGA Type 3 for Mobile, with dimensions of 50 X 25 x 1.3 mm, and BGA Type4 HDI for Ultra Mobile, with 28.5 x 19 x 1.1 mm. They also add compatibility with Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi 6E.

Intel Alder Lake 1

Alder Lake will be based on Intel 7. Behind this is the manufacturing process 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin, which was renamed a few weeks ago

Sapphire Rapids

In parallel, Intel has announced a new generation of Intel Xeon scalable processors, called Sapphire Rapids. 20 cores and 40 threads are added, plus support for DDR5 RAM and PCI Express 5.0. The new server processors work on Intel 7 architecture and include multiple tiles that allow for higher bandwidth and low latency.

Additionally, the company has launched a new x86 microarchitecture, which improves CPU performance, artificial intelligence and dynamic range. The company has also included the Intel AMXm, improving operations by up to 8 times over the VNNI.

The new Intel processors will begin to arrive from the fall of this year, just in time for the launch of Windows 11.

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