Intel’s New Thunderbolt 5 is Way Better Than USB4 Version 2.0

Intel announced the next generation of its Thunderbolt technology —Thunderbolt 5, the new universal interface that aims to set a higher standard, surpassing the capabilities of USB4.

While USB4 Version 2.0 offers many optional features, Thunderbolt 5 makes them mandatory, positioning itself as the premium solution for high-performance displays, storage, and connectivity.

What Makes Thunderbolt 5 So Special?

Thunderbolt 5 offers a staggering 80 Gbps of bi-directional bandwidth. With its Bandwidth Boost feature, it can ramp up to an eye-watering 120 Gbps, making it the ultimate tool for content creators and gamers who crave high-resolution displays, low-latency visuals and fast external SSDs. 

The technology is designed to meet the high bandwidth needs of these user groups, offering high resolutions of up to 8K and fast refresh rates of up to 540 Hz. With the ability to tunnel four PCIe 4.0 lanes, you can connect external hardware at a mind-blowing 64 Gbit/s. When you see that Thunderbolt logo, you know you’re getting the maximum data rate and a power delivery of at least 140 W.

Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake processors are expected to natively integrate Thunderbolt 5. Certified cables for Thunderbolt 4 will also work seamlessly with the new standard, ensuring a smooth transition for users. Computers and accessories based on Intel’s Thunderbolt 5 controller, code-named “Barlow Ridge,” are expected to hit the market in 2024. 

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