Jony Ive and Sam Altman are Crafting the “iPhone of Artificial Intelligence”

Jony Ive and Sam Altman are collaborating to develop an AI device, backed by a $1 billion investment from SoftBank's CEO.

Jony Ive, Apple’s former design chief, and Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, are reportedly in advanced talks to develop a new artificial intelligence device.

The partnership was initiated during a brainstorming session at Jony Ive’s San Francisco-based design firm, LoveForm. Sam Altman has enlisted LoveForm’s expertise to potentially design ChatGPT‘s inaugural hardware product. The device is being touted as the “iPhone of Artificial Intelligence,” aiming to offer a user-friendly interface for AI interactions.

The project has garnered substantial financial support, with Masayoshi Son committing to a $1 billion investment. Son has proposed incorporating technology from ARM, a chip design company in which SoftBank holds a significant stake.

The trio — Jony Ive, Sam Altman, and Masayoshi Son — are considering the formation of a new company that would amalgamate the strengths of their respective organizations. While no formal agreement has been reached, the discussions indicate a shared vision to create a device that could redefine AI technology.

While the talks are in advanced stages, it’s crucial to note that there’s no finalized product yet. The device is still more of a concept in the design phase. But given the caliber of the people involved and the financial backing, it’s only a matter of time before this idea turns into reality.

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