MetaHuman Creator: Epic Games New Tool Capable Of Creating Digital Humans With Minimal Effort

Epic Games has introduced a new tool called MetaHuman Creator that can make it even easier to create video games, movies, and any other type of content with realistic digital human figures.

The MetaHuman Creator is a cloud-based application that developers can use to create digital characters for video games with high realism in a very short time. The tool is specialized in creating realistic human characters. And when we say ‘realistic’, we mean that at some angles, they are indistinguishable from a real person.

Similar to detailed character editors in games, the MetaHuman Creator is based on a collection of numerous elements with which the appearance of the character can be individually determined. There are, for example, various body shapes, hairstyles, or eye colors. 

In addition, there are movement animations and suitable clothing, with which everyone should be able to ” create a customized, photo-realistic digital person in a few minutes “. The work can then be downloaded for integration into your own game project.

The MetaHuman Creator can be used in conjunction with motion capture technology and other animation techniques to create movements closer to those of a real person.

According to Epic Games, character creation is one of the most arduous tasks in content creation; the amount of time, equipment, and effort required to create a single character can delay any project. And with this tool, it is possible to create a full-bodied “metahuman” in less than an hour. When this tool is made available to everyone throughout 2021, it could be a revolution.

Anu Thomas John
Anu Thomas John
Meet Anu Thomas John, an expert Android and iOS app reviewer with a Computer Science background. Anu's insights on app trends and software news are both trusted and sought-after. She's a regular contributor to top tech publications and runs a fun, engaging blog. When not exploring the digital world, Anu enjoys virtual reality gaming and jogging.


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