Microsoft Plans to Build Cryptocurrency Wallet into Edge Browser

Microsoft has been testing a new feature that might revolutionise the world of bitcoin and NFTs. According to screenshots published on Twitter by @thebookisclosed, Microsoft is working on a bitcoin wallet that will be incorporated into the Edge browser. 

According to the images, the wallet function would allow users to manage their cryptocurrencies and NFTs easily and securely without relying on a third party to hold their private keys and passwords.

The cryptocurrency wallet in the Edge browser will allow users to engage with Web3 without needing third-party add-ons. This implies that consumers may safely keep their digital assets without fear of compromised security.

The wallet feature will display users’ current balances and assets, transaction history, linked applications, watchlists, and dedicated tabs for exploring the world of Web3, crypto, and NFTs. The wallet looks to include interfaces with Coinbase and MoonPay, allowing users to purchase cryptocurrencies and transfer payments to others.

It is important to note that Microsoft has yet to disclose its plans to enter the cryptocurrency market. The corporation is still experimenting with various concepts, many of which may never see the light of day. The project is clearly labelled as confidential. 

Microsoft did not supply any crypto or NFTs to test participants as part of the feature experiment, and there was no refund for lost funds. As a result, anyone accessing the crypto wallet in the Edge browser should proceed at their own risk.

Microsoft’s decision to build a cryptocurrency wallet integrated into the Edge browser might be a game changer in digital assets. If it is good, it might make handling cryptocurrencies and NFTs easier for more people, making the technology more accessible and safer. But until Microsoft makes an official announcement, we should regard this initiative as an experiment and act cautiously.

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