With Google’s New Compression Algorithm Chrome is Going to Get a Lot Faster

Happy news, your favourite browser is going to boost its browsing speed, yes Chrome is going to implement a new compression algorithm from Google to load web pages a lot faster than you’ve experienced up until now.

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LogBook: New Compression Algorithm in Chrome

The new compression algorithm called Brotli, which Google introduced last September.

Using compression algorithm Brotli, Chrome will be able to compress data up to 26 percent more than its existing compression engine, which is an impressive jump.

The existing compression algorithm in Chrome is called Zopfli, that was launched just over three years ago.

While Zopfli is Deflate-compatible, Brotli is a whole new data format.

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Google says that Brotli is a “whole new data format” that squeezes in more data than other compression formats, while decompressing at comparable speeds.

As a result, “the smaller compressed size allows for better space utilization and faster page loads,” according to the team.

The company added that mobile users will also benefit from “lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use,” which should help those who eat up their data allowance all too quickly.

According to Google’s web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik, Brotli is ready to roll out, so Chrome users should expect to see a bump in load times once the next version of Chrome is released.

Google also hopes that other browsers will eventually support Brotli.

Firefox will be the first non-Chrome browser to use the algorithm, as it has said it will adopt Brotli in a future update, Firefox 44.

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