PUBG: New State Opens Its Pre-Registration: A New PUBG Mobile Set In The Future

PUBG Mobile’s successor has just been officially announced and will arrive with the name PUBG: New State shortly to Android and iOS; in fact, its pre-registration has already been opened.

PUBG: New State will be set in the future, in 2051. This new game has been completely redesigned, with a series of improvements in its graphics, in addition to introducing new weapons, vehicles, or game dynamics. It promises to be one of the most popular games of 2021 on Android and iOS.

PUBG: New State will follow the mechanics of the original game: a 100-player Battle Royale, which can be played solo or in duos or in squads. In this new installment, we are in 2051, so the aesthetics are adapted to this future.

The maps have been renewed, now showing this futuristic city in which we find ourselves. There are also new vehicles and weapons, including drones, that are also look futuristic. There are also improvements at the graphic level, as mentioned in this official announcement and as can be seen in the official trailer.

PUBG: New State also leaves us with a series of gameplay changes. Shooting mechanics have been optimized, as well as some of the movement patterns, making them more realistic now. All this will contribute to a better gaming experience in the title.

The game is already in pre-registration in the Play Store, allowing you to register now. It is expected that the download of this game will be free, with in-app purchases, following the style of PUBG Mobile, although nothing has been confirmed about it. No dates have been given for its launch either, and it is only known that it will be arriving sometime in 2021.

Unfortunately, the PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020 due to Chinese company Tencent’s involvement with the game. And the PUBG Corporation was in talks with the Indian Government for the launch of a new game called PUBG Mobile India — created specifically for the Indian market. However, there is no new update regarding this. Now, whether or not PUBG: New State will release in the country remains to be seen.

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