Razer Project Brooklyn: A Gaming Chair With A Rollable 60-Inch OLED

At CES 2021Razer presented “Project Brooklyn” — a future project of an immense gaming setup.

With the Brooklyn project, Razer is working on the compact carbon fiber gaming chair of the future, which unfolds a curved, rollable 60-inch OLED display directly in front of the player.

The rollable OLED screen is stowed on the back of the chair and, at the push of a button, first goes up and then forwards, whereby it is unrolled. The strongly curved display at a short distance from the player should ensure maximum immersion.

Parallel to the monitor, two parts of a shelf for the mouse and keyboard unfold from the two 4D armrests. The chair itself should be mounted as a transducer on a single rigid base with RGB lighting. At the same time, motors vibrate in the backrest of the seat when, for example, explosions, shots, or particularly bass-heavy ambient music are played in games.

Project Brooklyn should be designed in such a way that it can also be used in small spaces and transforms itself from an ergonomic gaming chair into a gaming station.

Razer Project Brooklyn

Razer has announced that it will continue to develop the concept and would like to conduct tests with eSports enthusiasts to test its feasibility, comfort, and performance. The project should also provide insights into how the design of gaming chairs, in general, can be improved, which in turn should be incorporated into the manufacturer’s products in the near future. Because for the time being, Project Brooklyn is just a concept and prestige project.


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