Role Analytics Play in the Digital Product Experience

Analytic data plays a big role in the digital product experience and digital advertising. In this guide, you’ll learn how it impacts a company’s success.

Monitor Customers in Various Channels

In order to grow a tech business, a company must be able to reach customers in a variety of channels. The only problem is that relying on multiple channels can be somewhat challenging without help because strategic tracking is required throughout the process. A great analytic tool can monitor data from the following channels:

  • Call centers
  • Kiosks
  • Social media
  • E-commerce stores
  • Websites
  • Software applications

Once the software is set up, you can easily access it in order to integrate customer data. Then, you can begin analyzing everything throughout daily operations. This could include everything from where a customer first clicks within specific software, to the number of calls received in a given period.

Enhanced Efficiency

Efficiency in the business world is only achieved consistently when a marketing team is able to determine how customers will behave. Analytic data gives marketers opportunities to achieve this by compiling information about each customer’s path. By using the data, a strategic team never has to guess while developing marketing blueprints. Instead, everyone can make changes according to the data, and most of these tweaks usually lead to consistent sales.

Influence the Customer Experience

To influence every customer’s experience, you must understand how different segments of your business make an impact. The most important things that should be considered when tailoring a store for customers is timing and the content. If they don’t suit your customers’ preferences, you won’t get many opportunities to generate sales.

Marketing analytics software compiles data around the clock, so you can easily define segments by using this information. For example, if you study the data before seasonal promotional events, you may be able to predict how new customers will behave. Then, you can update different preferences on specific channels.

Effective Social Media Strategies

Social media is a very strategic marketing resource that’s driven by analytic data. On most platforms, advanced software gathers information about audiences, interests, and more.

If you want to sharpen your social media promotions, you’ll need accurate data to determine customer value. The best way to use analytic data on reputable, high-traffic platforms is by pinpointing influencers in your industry. These people have audiences that consist of thousands of fans, which is why many businesses that provide digital products constantly reach out to influencers on social media.

Interact with Customers in a Tactical Way

The process of generating sales on most platforms isn’t always simple because it requires a complex set of skills. This is why most sales teams strive to pursue sales regularly over the phone. When pitches are done on a phone call, a sales representative has opportunities to make tactical decisions in order to increase the chances of completing a transaction. The big benefit is that these decisions can impact all marketing channels. This means that sales could increase dramatically if every sales agent begins a pitch properly prepared with up-to-date analytic data.

Each customer’s time is valuable, so a sales team shouldn’t waste it. To avoid missed opportunities, hold sales meetings with your team about pitches. Throughout the meeting, everyone should study analytic charts and graphs as this strategy will make the process of enhancing the sales pitch easier.

Increased Success

Business teams that consist of non-marketers can take advantage of data visualization. This type of analytic data is useful because it allows teams to collaborate and share, which leads to more beneficial decisions that reflect sales.

Gainsight PX product analytics offer multiple ways to determine the value, impact, usage, and more, of your company’s products. Having data to back up all departments, from sales to marketing, is invaluable. For example, the software could notice that customers continue to access a certain report in a convoluted way, instead of clicking on the button that leads them directly to the report they’re searching. Now the sales/account management team can reach out to the client pointing out a way to simplify that process, and the software development team can look into the potential for placing the reporting button in a more recognizable location within the software.

Better Company Value

All analytic data has value because it has information about a customer’s habits, interests, finances, and more. If you gather enough data about your customers, you may gain many opportunities to build partnerships with other businesses in your field. Partners who work with digital product companies typically use analytic data to design supporting solutions that will benefit their customer base.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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