Samsung and AMD Partner to Integrate Console-Level Graphics in Upcoming Exynos Chipsets

Samsung has announced extending the agreement with AMD to expand their cooperation and integrate AMD Radeon graphics accelerators into more Samsung Exynos chipset models. The companies reportedly work on “console-level” graphics solutions with very low power consumption, making them optimal for saving battery power.

The partnership between Samsung and AMD was first announced at the end of 2021, and the Exynos 2200 chipset with the Radeon family of GPUs was released at the beginning of 2022. While this chipset was used in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 models, they were still considered inferior in performance compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 variants with Adreno 730 GPUs.

However, Samsung and AMD are now reportedly working on optimizing performance in future Exynos chipsets. It has been reported that the AMD Radeon Xclipse-branded graphics accelerators will appear in Samsung’s more affordable chipset variants in A-, F-, and M-series smartphones and more affordable tablet variants in the Galaxy Tab series.

The announcement indirectly suggests that Samsung is still planning to work on producing its chipsets. According to a Samsung spokesperson, the company is revolutionizing the approach to mobile graphics with AMD, including introducing ray tracing for the first time in a mobile GPU. The companies are building on their experience creating extremely low-power technologies to continue innovating in mobile graphics solutions.

Samsung’s continued partnership with AMD signals the company’s commitment to improving the performance of its mobile devices while maintaining optimal power consumption. By integrating AMD Radeon graphics accelerators into more Exynos chipsets, Samsung hopes to provide users with high-quality graphics and longer-lasting battery life.

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