Samsung Display Unveils Latest OLED Technology at CES 2023

Samsung Display will showcase its latest OLED technology at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The company will demonstrate its “Flex Hybrid” foldable and extendable OLED display, designed for smart mobile devices. 

The left side of the display can be folded, while the right side can be pulled out and resized, allowing the display to switch between a 10.5-inch display with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 12.4-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. This allows the display to be adaptable to different applications.

Flex Hybrid OLED DIsplay

In addition to the Flex Hybrid display, Samsung will also be showcasing its “Slideable Display” concept, which is intended for use in future notebooks. The company has developed two concepts for the Slideable Display — the Flex Slidable Solo, where the screen can be enlarged in one direction, and the Slideable Flex Duet, which can be pulled out in both directions. Depending on the location and purpose, the display can switch between a smaller 13-inch display and a larger 17.3-inch display.

Samsung will also introduce its first update for QD-OLED technology, which promises brighter OLED displays with improved algorithms and a new “OLED HyperEfficient EL” material. The company claims that the maximum combined RGB brightness of QD-OLED 2023 will be over 2,000 cd/m² and that the efficiency of the large OLED displays has been significantly improved, with up to 25% less power consumption. This year, the QD-OLED range will also be expanded by introducing a 77-inch, the largest QD OLED model.

Overall, Samsung’s latest OLED technology demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to developing innovative and advanced display technology for many devices, from small portable devices to large QD OLED TVs. The company’s focus on foldable and extendable displays highlights the growing demand for devices with larger screens that can be easily carried and stored. With the continued development of OLED technology, we will likely see even more advanced and versatile displays in the near future.

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