Samsung Launches AI-Powered Galaxy Enhance-X Photo Editing App for S23 Series

Samsung released the Galaxy Enhance-X image editing tool announced last summer. This advanced picture editing app uses artificial intelligence to enhance photos, allowing users to add HDR, brighten, deblur, sharpen, remove highlights or shadows, correct lens distortion, and produce a portrait shot from a standard one. Furthermore, the software has face editing tools that may alter the appearance of a subject’s skin, eyes, and teeth.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Galaxy Enhance-X app is the “Magic Editor.” Users may use this function to instantly improve their images and how the app thinks fit without manually changing any settings. This can save users time and effort, making it easier to get the right photo.

The Galaxy Enhance-X is available for download from the Galaxy Store for the Galaxy S23 series. The app is 85MB in size and is scheduled to arrive on the Galaxy S22 series in the near future. Furthermore, the app is expected to be available on other smartphones capable of running it.

Samsung’s latest image editing application is anticipated to revolutionise smartphone photography. The Galaxy Enhance-X’s AI-powered capabilities may enable users, whether novice or experienced photographers, to enhance their photographs to the next level. The app’s ability to correct lens distortion and make portrait images from regular ones is especially fascinating since it allows users to get professional-quality results with only a few clicks.

Its extensive capabilities, user-friendly layout, and ability to quickly and effectively edit photographs make it an important app for anybody trying to take their smartphone photography to the next level. The future looks bright for smartphone photography fans as Samsung continues to develop and push the boundaries of smartphone photography.

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