Samsung Unveils Revolutionary ISOCELL HP2 Camera Sensor with 200 Million Pixels for Upcoming Flagships

Samsung just introduced its new ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor, which features 200 million pixels, for upcoming flagship smartphones. 

According to the company, this sensor will provide the greatest high-definition experience on premium devices. Though it was not explicitly stated in the press release, this new sensor is most likely to be included in the company’s future flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is scheduled to be unveiled on February 1st at the Galaxy Unpacked event.

The ISOCELL HP2 sensor measures 1/1.3 inch and features 200 million 0.6 micrometres (μm) pixels. The sensor size is the same as the 108MP sensor, which implies that the camera bump will not get too huge. Furthermore, the ISOCELL HP2 sensor enables many pixels binning choices, capturing photographs at full resolutions of 12.5MP, 50MP, or even 200MP. The increase in the number of pixels also implies that employing AI will enhance the noise caused by the decrease in the light-receiving area per pixel.

The new D-VTG (Dual Vertical Transfer Gate) technology will considerably improve image quality by suppressing overexposure in bright situations. A voltage transfer gate on the bottom of each photodiode in the ISOCELL HP2 transports electrons from the pixel to the logic layer. D-VTG creates a second transfer gate within the pixel, boosting the pixel’s full-well capacity by more than 33%. It is feasible to prevent overexposure, especially in intense light, and enhance colour reproducibility by storing more electrons and effectively conveying information.

When shooting in 50MP mode, Samsung’s Dual Slope Gain function automates each pixel’s exposure data in two phases, gathering both bright and dark data. Furthermore, “Super QPD,” which employs all 200 million pixels as a focusing agent, enables high-speed autofocus in poor light conditions.

In conclusion, Samsung’s new ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor is a technological marvel that promises to deliver an unparalleled high-definition experience on flagship smartphones. The upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra will likely be equipped with this sensor, and we can’t wait to see the stunning images it will capture.

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