Ray-Ban Meta: Meta Unveils Second-Generation Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Meta has launched its 2nd-gen Ray-Ban smart glasses, rebranded as Ray-Ban Meta. The new specs feature enhanced audio, live streaming to social media, and improved storage.

Meta Platforms has announced the launch of its second-generation Ray-Ban smart glasses at Meta’s Connect event 2023, where the company also introduced Meta Quest 3.

The new smart glasses, now branded as Ray-Ban Meta, mark a departure from the previous “Stories” label. The rebranding signifies Meta’s commitment to integrating these glasses into its broader ecosystem of mixed-reality products.

The Ray-Ban Meta glasses come with a slew of upgrades aimed at attracting a wider consumer base. Among the new features are improved speakers with enhanced audio capabilities, including a 50% increase in sound power and double the bass. The glasses also offer a noise leakage reduction function, ideal for use in noisy environments.

One of the most notable additions is the ability to initiate live streams on Facebook and Instagram directly from the glasses. This feature is supported by a five-microphone array and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera capable of recording in 1080p resolution.

The glasses offer 32 GB of internal storage, sufficient for up to 500 photos and 100 videos of 60 seconds each. They are powered by a Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 chip, providing up to 4.5 hours of battery life. A carrying case that can deliver up to eight additional charges is also included.

Meta aims to overcome the challenges faced by its first-generation Ray-Ban Stories, which struggled with poor image and video quality, limited battery life, and a high price point. According to a Wall Street Journal report, only 9% of the first-generation glasses remain in use.

The Ray-Ban Meta maintains the iconic Wayfarer design but with a lighter frame for increased comfort. The glasses also offer new transparent frames and are compatible with prescription lenses. They are splash-resistant, thanks to an IPX4 certification.

The Ray-Ban Meta glasses will be available starting October 17 starting at $299. The company has maintained the same price point as the previous generation, offering two designs and seven different configurations. The Wayfarer model is offered in 50-22 and 53-33 calibers, while the Headliner is only sold in 50-23 caliber.

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