Secure-K, a portable Linux-based encrypted OS to protect your privacy and data

Here comes the next generation operating system – Secure-K, a portable Linux-based encrypted OS that can be securely loaded on any computer. Secure-K claimed to be the most secured OS which lives on a USB drive. Are you worried about your data and your online privacy, then you need this encrypted OS.

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Secure-K, from Mon-K is an encrypted operating system enclosed in a USB stick that the company says will allow users to protect their data without sacrificing ease of use. The Secure-K is fitted with a pin-pad on the front which is needed to activate the OS, and Mon-K says the drive can be securely used on just about any computer without additional software. Being a Linux-based operating system, the hardware requirements are minimal. And also flash memory in a rugged shell, waterproof, break and tamper proof.

The company says Secure-K will come with a full suite of encrypted apps: chat, video, and VOIP tools, an anonymous internet browser, a full suite of office products, and the ability to sync with Mon-K’s secure cloud for back up and recovery in case you lose the actual USB drive. The company says encrypted email will be coming soon.

With hardware and software encryption, Secure-K is especially suitable for all those sectors in which security is a crucial factor such as finance, insurance, healthcare, education, telecommunication, oil & gas and companies operating in “hot” or politically unstable areas of the world.

Since we have to wait until October to find out what else this super secure OS can do. Mon-K says there will be personal and enterprise editions available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variations when it launches, but the company has not announced pricing yet.

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