How to Securely Watch Amazon Prime With VPN

It may sound paranoid to say you should routinely use a virtual private network (VPN), but there are material threats to your privacy. When using a public WIFI rather than a private one for streaming, corrupt individuals can attempt to capture your private information.

When you connected to an active network, your internet service provider (ISP) can see all data you send and receive and has been permitted by the relevant authorities to sell your private info to advertisers. You can foil this snooping on your private data if you look for a good VPN on reddit. In the open, advertisers can keep track of your movements across websites and intercept your location by peeking at your IP address.

The fact is that the internet was made for secure info exchange, not user anonymization, or encrypted communication. Until a new version of the net comes along, which might never happen, using a VPN is probably the best bet to accessing the web and streaming securely on service providers such as Amazon Prime.

Do You Require A VPN To Securely Stream on Amazon?

If you’re situated outside of the US, you’ll have no option but to use a VPN to gain access to Amazon Prime’s full range of shows as it’s only offered in America. Amazon has some extremely vigorous geo-blocking firewalls in place that stop any users not situated in the US from accessing the full list of shows.

If you’re situated in the US, a VPN can still be convenient. It will keep you protected from the nosey hackers, government agencies, and ISPs. It will also significantly lower your susceptibility and danger of becoming the target of a cyber attack. A VPN will guarantee your data and traffic stays hidden while you’re streaming shows on Amazon.

If you are located in China, Syria, Iran, and North Korea, you need a VPN to securely stream from Amazon prime as this content is blocked in the named countries.

Factors You Need to Consider to Securely Watch on Amazon Prime

Reliable Customer Support

An exceptional customer support team is crucial when you’re looking for a quality VPN to stream. They’re helpful if you ever run into issues with your VPN and can quickly troubleshoot any glitches occurring while you’re trying to stream Amazon. 

If a server malfunctions, a 24/7 customer support team can avail of a list of servers that still work, enabling you to continue streaming your favorite shows.

No Bandwidth Restrictions

A VPN provider that caps your bandwidth will be impractical when it comes to streaming services like Amazon. As streaming needs a lot of bandwidth, if your VPN limits this, you cannot stream a lot of content. It’s imperative that the VPN service you select is unlimited, so you won’t be interrupted when streaming on Amazon Prime.

Fast Connection Speeds

A VPN will fundamentally slow down your link speed as it channels your data on a lengthier route to its destination to keep you secured and bypass any restrictions. If the VPN has not made an effort to respond and advance your speeds, then streaming shows on Amazon will be problematic.

Reliable Servers from The VPN Service Provider

The more servers a VPN has, the healthier the chance it has of bypassing Amazon’s firewalls. Numerous servers also allow you to swiftly switch to another server if Amazon discovers the one you’re using and blocks it.

Lots of premium services have started to create servers devoted to unblocking geo-restrictions on streaming sites. They ensure these servers are kept active so that you never have to worry about being locked out.

Can You Use Free VPNs Securely on Amazon Prime Video?

If you attempt using enough free VPNs, you may come across one that can temporarily bypass restrictions and access Amazon. However, it isn’t a reliable decision, and it will probably cause more stress in the long run.

There are numerous reasons for this. What is probably most significant for viewers is that free VPNs usually comes with data and speed restrictions. What does that mean? You can expect a lot of interruptions during your show. So if you want to watch your favorite shows on Amazon in HD, you’ll need to ditch the free VPN and pay for an excellent VPN service.


To sum it all up, to stream securely stream on Amazon, you require a reliable VPN service provider, as we have seen above. That said, you need to be cautious as some VPN are proxies and will also leak your data to anyone willing to purchase it.

Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu
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