Security Technology Trends To Embrace In 2020

Security has become a very important aspect in today’s modern world. Because of that, it is now one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Industry watchers in India even believed that the total security spending in the country could reach up to $1.1 billion in 2019. The growth in the industry’s revenue could result from the efforts of companies to strengthen their protection. 

They invest in both the home and cybersecurity of the company to avoid incidences of theft or tighten security measures against a data breach. For 2020, India’s security industry may also see another upsurge in the security industry because of these emerging trends. 

Improved Cloud Solutions

Investments on surveillance cameras in homes and organizations increased over the years. But for this year, the security industry can expect a deluge in the cloud or hosted security solutions from managed security services. Experts believe that this security solution provides better protection for any establishments. Those who choose this type of security service will have reliable storage for all the captured surveillance videos, images, and files that need protection. It may also serve as a safer way to share one’s file to others. 

Smarter Home Alarm And Surveillance Systems

A recent survey revealed that 34 percent of consumers depend on smart home security gadgets to maintain the safety of their homes and office establishments. Nowadays, there are better and more versatile CCTV security solutions that provide clearer videos. Managed security service providers also offer more technically-advanced home security systems like smart locks with app-controlled sirens. 

Others can alert homeowners when someone arrives or leaves the premises no matter where they are at the moment. These features can provide better peace of mind to anyone who manages the security of the establishment. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity Features

Businesses are now more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Because of this, all establishments invest in security solutions made to tighten their cybersecurity. Due to the latest technology innovations, cybersecurity service providers exert more effort to go with the times. Most cybersecurity solutions use 5G-compatible gadgets due to the upgrades done by different all-software networks. 

Other new innovations to block phishing emails and unauthorized cloud infiltration are also believed to come out in the coming days. These new cybersecurity protection trends can provide more defense against unwanted access from questionable entities.  

Investing in better security options could see an even bigger surge in the days to come. This means that homes and business establishments are giving more priority to their safety nowadays. Other technological advancements may come out before the end of 2020. 

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