Stay Away From The Fake Google

ɢ and — checkout these two domains, do you find any difference ? Yep, the capital G in the Google domain they were using appeared smaller than usual.

Spammers and scammers usually uses email accounts and other social media platforms to trick people into doing things they don’t want to do. But recently spammers find a new way — ɢ, don’t be confused with — to trick people.

Yes, a fake Google is out there.

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And these newer breed of spammers are targeting the website owners by popping up in Google Analytics traffic appearing as traffic from “secret.ɢ”  Yes, Google Analytics has become a great target for spammers, where they leave fake traffic that draws unwary web site owners to investigate where it came from.

Comparing ɢ and, you can see that the smaller capital letter G is actually a Unicode character for the Latin small-capital G. As revealed by Analytics Edge, ɢ isn’t actually or, but by using a special character, it’s pretending to be.

When you point your browser to ɢ, it’s actually leading you to, which in turn refers to the following address:’

Yeah, that sounds fishy enough, and I don’t recommend visiting it. It’s definitely not the same as, and looks spammy enough to potentially do harm to your computer.

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Source : TheNextWeb


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