Steam Beta Introduces LAN Game Transfer for Easier Game File Sharing

Steam is one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms, with millions of users downloading games daily. However, downloading games can create a load on home internet networks and are sometimes subject to data transfer restrictions from ISPs. Steam has introduced a new feature called LAN Game Transfer to address this issue, which promises to make transferring games between computers much easier.

The Steam client’s beta version now includes the LAN Game Transfer function, which allows gamers to transfer an existing Steam game from one PC to another through a local area network. This eliminates the need for gamers to repeatedly download data from the internet to install a Steam game on a new computer. Instead, players can simply share installation files and updates over their local network if one computer already has the game downloaded. The feature is expected to be particularly handy for Valve’s Steam Deck.

According to the company, both the sender and the receiver must be enabled in the Steam beta, which can be done by going to the settings panel. Valve has also published a support document with instructions on using this feature. 

Users can expect transfer speeds of up to 100MB per second. Once the PC and Steam Deck are properly configured, the beta client will automatically check over the local network to see if the game’s installation files are available on another device.

With this feature, players no longer have to worry about bandwidth or data limits and can share installation files and updates over their local network. While the feature is currently limited to transferring game files from PC to PC, it is expected to be extended to include transfers from PC to Steam Deck in the future. This feature is a welcome addition to the Steam platform and is sure to be appreciated by many players.

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