Surface Pro 7+: Microsoft Offers Its Own SSD Kits For Enterprise Customers

Microsoft has announced the Removal SSDs (rSSDs) for the Surface Pro 7+. The tablet is so far the only one in the Surface series that has a simply replaceable SSD, which is why Microsoft wants to meet the resulting demand. The offer is being tested in the USA for the time being and is only valid for enterprise customers.

The Surface Laptop Go, for example, also uses a replaceable SSD, but here the case has to be opened, and sensitive ribbon cables need to be removed. The Surface Pro 7+, on the other hand, has an M.2-2230 SSD, which can be accessed from the outside via a magnetic flap and removed with a screw.

Microsoft sells the appropriate rSSDs through certified resellers, and a corresponding guide helps with the conversion. No specialist staff is required for this, and users of the Surface Pro 7+ can also replace the SSD without losing the warranty. However, Microsoft points out that capacity can have an impact on performance.

The Surface Pro 7+ and the rSSDs are available with 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB up to 1 TB. The 256 GB SSD manages 2.2 GB / s for reading and 1.1 GB / s for writing. The smallest variant, however, has a lower write rate because there are fewer NAND flash chips. Microsoft has not yet revealed what the rSSDs should cost. 

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