Over $100,000: This Is The Most Luxurious AirPods Max

If Apple’s AirPods Max sounded expensive to you, then you should check out this extremely luxurious version made by Caviar, a company known for offering unique and extremely expensive versions of the latest Apple devices.

This time they have launched a new version of the AirPods Max that priced over $100,000, looking for excess and luxury in all its essence.

In Caviar AirPods Max, the characteristic color of aluminum is now hidden under a layer of 750 grams of gold, which joins the silver in a body identical to that of the original product but with different construction materials.

According to Caviar, the part of the pads and the headband has been covered in crocodile leather of a “rare” character. There is no lack of the classic logo of the company engraved on one of the sides of the device, recalling the prestigious brand that has given life to this eccentricity.

Caviar AirPods Max

Available in two colors: black and white, but the materials will not change. These will cost exactly the same: 108,000 US dollars.

The surprising thing is that they have the same characteristics, the same functionalities, the same battery, the same body, and essentially everything that a user could get by buying the official AirPods Max. Also, there are no cosmetic details to justify this price, not even a special edition.

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