5 tips to improve your CNC workflow

Nowadays you can use many different techniques in order to produce your designs. Custom 3D printing is a well-known manufacturing method for example that is still gaining in popularity. Besides that, you could also use one of the many different CNC manufacturing processes. If this is your manufacturing technique of choice, you should get a CNC quote. Furthermore, it is also important to improve your CNC workflow with the help of the five tips that are mentioned below. 

Learn G-code

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to control your CNC machine manually by inserting lines of code, but it is still important to know the basics of G-code. This will allow you to master the machine in depth by controlling it straight from your control software. Furthermore, by knowing the basics of G-code you will be able to find yourself in a lot of lines of code of a milling machine as well. You could then even spot an error in the code and correct it for example to prevent further problems. It is also useful if the machine stops all of a sudden.

Do not hurry

90 percent of the machining errors made by specialists in a workshop are due to a lack of attention. Even the most experienced machinists forget last-minute checks every now and then due to the urgency of a deadline that is coming up for example. However, this issue can be solved rather easily. You should take your time and check your installation and file before starting the machining process. By doing this you will be able to save a lot of time and money too. So, do not hurry but instead take your time to make sure everything is right! 

Appropriate end mill

Furthermore, it is important to choose the appropriate end mill. Each operation and/or material of course requires a suitable end mill. This is the case when you want to perform tapping or engraving, but also when you are going to use cutting or surface milling. You should make sure that the end mill is dedicated to the operation and material you are planning on performing. Furthermore, you should try to minimize your working time. This can be done by employing just one single end mill for the entire job so you do not have to change tools. 

Master your software

Mastering the basics of a CAD/CAM software is generally not hard at all. You will be able to draw some simple designs in 3D in less than a week, even if you have no prior knowledge. Generating the milling files to manufacture these designs too. However, you should keep in mind that these software programs are very powerful. They allow you to optimize your milling time for example, while they can increase the capabilities of your CNC machine too. Because of that, you should not just master the basics, but actually master every single part of the CAD/CAM software.

Clean the CNC machine

Cleaning your machine is an obvious tip, but unfortunately, still a lot of people do not do it after a successful milling job. It is however important to clean the machine as good maintenance allows you to maintain the precision of the equipment for a longer period, while you can also spot problems in time. To properly clean and maintain your CNC machine, you should for example evacuate chips and dust from the ball screws and bearing blocks. You should also dust off the control box and blow out your screen and keyboard. Check that the inductive limits and motor couplers are tightened too! 

Prabhul Kurup
Prabhul Kurup
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