How to Travel and Take Your Streaming With You

Streaming services are becoming an increasingly central part of our lives. As such, it can be frustrating to not have access to your favorite shows. With streaming services like Netflix often restricting access to certain content based on one’s geographic location, many people find themselves unable to access the shows they love when they travel. Fortunately, there is a technological solution to this problem.

Useful tools

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, offer a way to disguise your true location and identity through encryption. This not only allows for a more secure web-browsing experience but can allow you to access region-locked content from all over the world!

By directing your internet activity through a server hosted by the VPN provider, all of your data are encrypted and secured. This means that your IP address and location are kept private, even on open and unsecured networks. Ultimately, a VPN makes your device less vulnerable to those that might want to steal your personal information. This can be especially useful if you plan on using streaming platforms that may contain malware. It is also just generally handy for those who do not want their internet service providers to have access to their internet activity data.

Choose the best service for you

There are many VPN services out there, varying in cost and functionality. It is advisable to be extremely wary of any company claiming to offer a “free” VPN, as these are often scams looking to steal your data. There are specific features to look for when selecting a VPN service. You’ll want to ensure that the service has a “no-logs” policy, meaning that they do not store any records of any kind regarding your internet activity. It is also important to look at your desired connection speed. 

VPNs are generally slower than typical internet connections by virtue of the fact that your internet traffic is sent through the provider’s server and encrypted, and different providers vary in their speed capabilities. You may also want to consider if you need peer-to-peer sharing capability. This can be important for some file sharing sites, and it may be throttled or prevented by some providers. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two of the more popular services and are widely considered to be reputable.

While VPNs can be very helpful for getting around region restrictions, they are not foolproof. Some streaming services have taken measures to stop people from using them for this purpose. Because of this, it is a good idea to research the VPN you are using, as well as its compatibility with the streaming services you want to use it on.

The most popular streaming websites: any risk?

Another way to ensure access that your favorite content while abroad is to use a free streaming service. Popular free streaming services include Primewire and Putlocker. However, these are often risky to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. In some countries, you can face legal trouble for using a free streaming service and be fined, as shown in this VPNoverview dedicated review. Many of these sites also contain malware that can cause severe damage to your device. Using a VPN can mitigate some of these risks and make using these sites significantly safer.

Overall, virtual private networks have broad functionality. They can make your internet experience both safer and more convenient, especially if you plan on using streaming services while traveling. It is worthwhile to research the VPN you plan on using to ensure that it meets your criteria for the price range and intended use.

Anu Thomas John
Anu Thomas John
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