Twitter To Reopen Verification Process In Early 2021 With New Requirements

After a little more than three years of suspension, the resumption of the service Twitter verifications seems to be closer. The social network, still today, keeps the application form for the famous blue tick closed. However, some political or business profiles that have been created since then have been manually verified.

The verified Twitter, that blue badge that appears next to the name of certain accounts on the social network is, without a doubt, one of the most questionable elements of it. A large part of the users tends to grant a lot of credibility to what is published in these accounts, in addition to conferring a certain status to the holders of the same.

The reopening of Twitter verification comes from the Twitter blog itself, which includes all the plans of the social network to implement this new method at the beginning of next 2021, without specifying a date.

The new profile verification policy will have very clear rules that can attest that an account with the blue flag is authentic and in the public interest. It also states that “account must be notable and active.”

In total, Twitter will collect requests from six different “notable” branches: government profiles, companies (brands and non-profit organizations), media, entertainment, sports and a final section that brings together activists, organizers and other influential figures. For each of them, the social network has collected very specific types of profiles that must be correctly completed while showing all the required documents.

The requirements to maintain an active account are not very complicated. It is enough to have a complete profile, have logged into the account in the last six months, a verified email account, and have not violated any of the rules of the social network in the last six months.

In the same way that a user can request verification, Twitter reports that it may be withdrawn if it violates some fundamental rules. For example, if the account is inactive, the profile is incomplete, or for accounts that repeatedly break network rules.

Anu Thomas John
Anu Thomas John
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