An Intelligent And Portable Telescope To Observe Stars Directly From Your Mobile

Vaonis, a French company, has manufactured a new smart and portable telescope called ‘Vespera’ — aims to revolutionize home astronomy by allowing you to observe the stars directly from your mobile.

A device that is described as “a perfect hybrid between a smart telescope and a camera” , and that has a price of 1,499 Euros. This product uses the technology of ‘Stellina’, the previous telescope of the firm, but offers a smaller design (fits in a backpack), light and accessible.

The new telescope has initialization, automatic pointing, and an intelligent tracking and image processing system. ‘Vespera’ allows you to explore and observe the night sky, capture photos of celestial objects, learn about the cosmos, and share discoveries via mobile.

Simply set up the tripod with the adjustable legs and turn it on. Once calibrated via the device’s GPS and built-in star recognition technology, when pointing from the mobile the object to be observed, the telescope will track and display it.

Vespera’ is a refractor telescope with two groups of two lenses and which is equipped with a Sony Exmor R sensor capable of taking pictures at 1080p resolution. In addition, it has an opening of 50 mm and a length of 200 mm. It even stands out for being the world’s first telescope with auto focus.

The company claims, “Our application is your space center, the place where you decide where you want to go. It is very intuitive and easy to use, and any stellar object in our catalog can be easily accessed. You also get personalized recommendations on what to observe based on geolocation and astronomical calendar, being guided at every step.”

The telescope allows you to connect up to five mobiles for group use and is capable of locating a celestial object, focusing it automatically, and taking a picture that it automatically sends to the mobile. 

The device will revolutionize home astronomy thanks to its technology and its compact and foldable design, according to the company itself.

With a release date scheduled for Spring 2022, this product also includes a short tripod, USB wall charger, USB magnetic cable, and a mobile app.

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