Stuck at home — Check this website to see from other people’s windows around the world

COVID-19 has affected every sector of human civilization. If you are a traveler or tourist, like to explore new places, then you know how this pandemic has crippled your lifestyle.

Today, we can’t freely roam around — we are always cautious, and also most of the countries are under lockdown to control the spread of novel coronavirus.

So now you are stuck at home or in quarantine, separated themselves from others — then, of course, you are bored, and the internet is here to rescue from that boredom.

Check out this interesting website, WindowSwap, that lets you travel to the windows of people from all over the world. This website shows you what other people scattered around the world see through their window, from Malaysia, passing through Ukraine or Croatia and reaching Germany or the United States or Japan.

WindowSwap is a quarantine project by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam that lets you use your browser to watch a video of a window and its unique view from different locations across the globe.

To get started, visit the website and click on the “Open a new window somewhere in the world” button, after which you will begin to see videos recorded from the windows of homes all over the planet.

website to see from other people windows

In the upper right corner of each video, you can find the information regarding the city and country where it was recorded while in the upper left area displays the name of its owner. To change to another place in the world, you only have to press the bottom button again.

Although all the videos in WindowSwap are prerecorded — it means you’re not getting a live view of any respective location, so no one has violated the privacy of the users and actually all the videos submitted by users around the world. 

You can also upload view from your home — for that, you just have to need a camera and a 10-minute HD video of “your window and frame,” with your first name and location for credits and send it to [email protected]. Also, don’t forget, all videos have sound. So please make sure not to say anything private or sensitive or record a video without sound.

It may not be the most useful website in the world, but it can be entertaining to hang out and travel the world in a different way during this pandemic.

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