What is PRD and how to write it?

It is understood that PRD is all about promoting the product manager and communicating product features. It presents the intent of the product to the reader with clear and concise statements. PRD readers typically include developers, designers, testers, and even products. 

Responsible for the project (usually the project director. And the head of the company, the situation in each company is different. PRD is not only a detailed description of product features. But also the role of PRD in being an implementation standard for product quality control. With https://fireart.studio/blog/how-to-write-an-effective-product-requirements-document-prd/ all the tasks can be easily carried out.

What should a PRD include?

Product name

The product name is a general description of the document.


The directory is used to display the structure of the document, usually no more than three levels, otherwise, it will be too confusing.

In detail, the content of the document may include a description of the requirement. Many companies’ PRDs also include a lot of content such as introduction, overview, the definition of terms, use cases, product goals, and competitive product analysis.

The PRD will also indicate the presentation form, interaction plan, specification of operations, appropriate developers, responsible person, development time, and so on. Simply put, a PRD can only be developed based on functional requirements.

Description of function

Function descriptions are entered in detail and others can be saved. Too much document can cause interference. Hence, it is necessary to simplify and improve readability to show that the intent of the product is most valuable.

In a specific functional description, there are often use some other methods. These are such as product function structure, product information structure, user use process.

Product project personnel define requirements through discussion and then focus on requirements. It decomposes and assign tasks, monitor progress, test, and release.

This method is currently mainly used in the more common agile development model. These internet companies are putting more emphasis on communication, openness. And will be fast resolution. It’s difficult to say if this method is good or not.

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To sum up

Ultimately, the PRD is still a professional document. And professional terms and vocabulary are necessary, but this does not mean that the more professional the vocabulary, the better. An overwhelming professional vocabulary is the most unsuccessful PRD. It is recommended to use professional language as much as possible for professional expression. Because ease of understanding and operation is the more important mission of PRD. After writing a document is finished with Fireart, it fully corresponds to all the expectations. They will come up with different opinions and questions. In fact, this is very good. Correcting a path is also the process of finding the problem.

Since PRD is dedicated to interpreting product requirements, there are many sizes and functions, and the relationship between different functional points is close. This requires the logic of the product manager to be very clear and to express abstract thinking concretely. This is hard requirement for the product manager. Thinking depends on innate factors, it was also mentioned above that we can use software tools to help in the implementation. There are many forms of expression such as prototypes, processes or other forms. Form and format are not important, remember everything in order to communicate clearly.

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