WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock: An Extra Layer of Security for Individual Chats

With a new feature called “Chat Lock,” WhatsApp’s latest version is expected to make chats even more secure. This functionality would allow users to restrict unauthorised access to their WhatsApp chats, making it a significant addition for privacy-conscious users.

The Chat Lock feature allows users to safeguard individual chats with biometric information such as fingerprints or face recognition. Once activated, the chat room will no longer be accessible from the list of applications, and users will have to authenticate themselves using their biometric information to open the chat.

This additional security layer will help prevent outsiders from accessing private chats, even if they can access the user’s phone. If someone asked for access to the phone, they would not be able to open WhatsApp and read all of the chats. Instead, the blocked chats will be listed separately and available only with the user’s biometric identification.

WhatsApp Chat Lock

Users may enable the Chat Lock function by touching the three points that provide access to chat choices and then going to Chat Lock. They may enable the “Keep this conversation locked and hidden” option here. The functionality must be activated individually for each chat the user wishes to secure.

WhatsApp currently offers a feature that allows users to add a security layer, but it only applies to the full app when using a PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition. After removing the barrier, users will have unrestricted access to all the information in the discussions. Individual chats may be safeguarded with the new Chat Lock function, making it an important addition to WhatsApp’s security safeguards.

While this functionality is now only available to WhatsApp beta users — WhatsApp beta for Android, it will likely be available to all users shortly. With growing privacy concerns, it’s encouraging to see WhatsApp make efforts to guarantee users can have private discussions. We’re curious to see what more security features the service may implement.

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