WhatsApp Unveils Email Verification for iPhone Users

WhatsApp has introduced an email verification feature for iPhone users, providing an additional security layer for account validation beyond the traditional phone number and OTP method.

WhatsApp has rolled out an email verification feature for iPhone users. This new development provides an additional layer of security for account validation, a move that is expected to be welcomed by the app’s vast user base.

Previously, WhatsApp’s verification process was limited to a phone number and a one-time password (OTP). While effective, this method posed challenges if a user lost their SIM card or their phone was stolen. The introduction of email verification addresses these concerns, offering a more secure and reliable alternative for account validation.

iPhone users can access this new feature by updating to the latest version of WhatsApp (version 23.24.70). To activate email verification, users need to navigate to WhatsApp Settings and then to the Account section. This feature serves as a backup login method, especially useful in situations where receiving a 6-digit SMS verification code is not possible.

In its FAQ, WhatsApp emphasizes the importance of this feature: “When you enable two-step verification, you can enter your email address. This helps to safeguard your account by allowing WhatsApp to email you a reset link if you ever forget your PIN, and email you a verification code when you register your account.”

While currently available for iPhone users, this feature is expected to be extended to Android users in the near future, ensuring a uniform security experience across different platforms.

WhatsApp is also testing an AI chat feature in its latest Android beta. This feature introduces a new shortcut button for quick access to the AI chatbot, designed to improve user support and streamline access to information. The AI chatbot is capable of addressing inquiries about WhatsApp, offering customer assistance, and aiding in tasks such as scheduling appointments or making reservations.

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