WhatsApp Introduces a New Feature Allowing Users to Save Disappearing Messages With Sender Approval

WhatsApp has announced a new feature that expands the possibilities of working with disappearing messages. The innovation allows users to save disappearing messages in a chat, with the sender controlling the message’s fate.

Long-pressing disappearing messages will allow the user to save them, but only if the person who sent them approves. WhatsApp describes this adjustment as a “sender superpower,” and if everything works as intended, the sender remains in control of what happens to the message.

The sender will be notified when the recipient attempts to save the message, and then the sender can choose whether to delete or keep it. This allows senders to “veto” a recipient’s attempt to save a message. The company also added that if the sender decides that others cannot save their message, then the decision is final, and the message will be deleted after the timer expires.

If the user decides to save the received message, and the sender agrees to this, a bookmark icon will appear on it, and the user can see it in the saved messages folder.

WhatsApp developers believe that if a message is sent, then it should be up to the sender to decide whether other participants in the chat can save it. This new feature allows users to have greater control over their private conversations.

This feature will be launched worldwide in the coming weeks, and it is expected to be a useful addition for users who rely on disappearing messages to keep their conversations private. WhatsApp has been improving its privacy features, which is another step in that direction.

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