10 Worst Operating Systems Of All Time

Worst operating systems of all time, yes as the title implies today we are going to list 10 worst operating systems ever made — Of course we all geeks loves our old tech stuffs. Actually some of us still uses them rather than most advanced ones out there – like Windows XP, Windows XP still have a huge number of fans even after Microsoft releasing several advanced operating systems.

Not all operating systems are like Windows XP, some out there were a real pain in the ass. Now you think why I selected them as worst operating systems. Have lot of reasons like lack of user friendliness, system configuration problems,incompatibility with many systems etc. And one more thing that the list added only those worst operating systems which I personally thinks were bad old days operating systems, so this one is a personal list.

Worst Operating Systems of All Time

1. Windows Vista

Windows Vista — I really hate this particular operating system from Microsoft more than Windows ME and Windows 8. After Windows XP Microsoft released Windows Vista 8 November 2006. But the OS was a huge disaster, because of its bloat, its slowness, its hardware and software incompatibilities, its high cost, its confusing versions, its security fumbles and other ineptitude make it one of the worst operating systems ever made.

2. Windows ME

Windows ME — A special millennium edition OS from Microsoft with promises of improved performance launched on September 2000,which went a real failure in the market. Even Microsoft ditched the OS after 1 year. It was the last operating system released in the Windows 9x series. because of its slowness and unstable performance make it one of the worst operating systems ever made.

3. Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 introduced major changes to the operating system’s platform and user interface to improve its user experience on tablets. Windows 8 was the first Microsoft OS which introduced tile interface which was unsuited for majority of home computing and also Microsoft has done away with desktop which people had grown to love and also with Windows 8, Microsoft ditched one of its popular feature “Start Button”, make it one of the worst operating systems.

Because of so many negative response Microsoft was forced to release Windows 8.1 later back on June 26, 2013 with  the restoration of a visible Start button on the desktop and the ability to boot to the desktop instead of the Start screen.

4. Corel Linux

Corel Linux — debian based operating system made by Corel  released to the public on November 15, 1999 is another one of the worst operating systems ever made. At that time it mainly competed against Windows 98 and Windows 2000 by Microsoft, plus Mac OS 9 by Apple. The major attraction of the operating system was the users can migrate Microsoft Windows settings to Corel Linux. So the OS out with high expectation.

Actually Corel Linux was graphically ahead of its time but the installer crashed more often during installation process and once OS was installed it struggled to start working in many great computers.

5. Lindows

Lindows — a mixture of Linux and Windows. Lindows first came out in 2001, promised to let you run all Windows applications on Linux. Within few months Lindows Inc. realized it was a bad idea. Even with WINE, a way to run Windows programs on Linux, the company couldn’t get enough Windows programs running on Lindows to sell it as a Windows replacement.

6. JavaOS

Yes you heard it right, JavaOS — an operating system with a Java virtual machine as a fundamental component, originally developed by Sun Microsystems. We know most of the operating system like Windows, Mac OS, Unix or Unix-like,  are primarily written in the C programming language and the JavaOS is primarily written in Java, one of the hardest programming language.

JavaOS was designed to run on network computers and embedded systems. Although several companies licensed it, the only product I know of that used it commercially was Sun’s own long-forgotten JavaStation network computer. By 2006, Sun had dumped it into the “legacy system” junkyard, and that was the end of the Java-based operating system.

7. Symbian

Symbian is a mobile operating system (OS) and computing platform designed for smartphones. Symbian was developed way back in 1997 and it wasn’t untill 2002, in the launch of the Nokia s60 the people began to take notice of it. Because of its many inaccuracies in previous versions of the firmware riddled with bugs and errors while the built-in web browser always struggled to load WAP enabled webpages and incompatibility with later versions of the system made Symbian one of the worst operating systems ever.

8. MS-DOS 4.0

It’s not like Microsoft was still spending much time in 1988 getting MS-DOS right. The earlier versions of the operating system really weren’t bad for their day; MS-DOS 3.3 was actually quite good. But then along came MS-DOS 4.0. Oh, it was horrid. Programs broke on it as regularly as clockwork. You’d be in the middle of a task, and your program would just freeze up completely. Nothing this bad was seen again until Windows’ Blue Screen of Death.

9. Windows 1.01

Microsoft’s first attempt at a graphical user interface for MS-DOS was, in a word, dreadful. It was ugly, it shipped two years late and even then didn’t work well. And besides, there wasn’t anything that would run on it anyway. Windows applications really didn’t get going until Windows 2.03 showed up two years later.

10. ITS (Incompatible Timesharing System)

What can one say about an operating system written in DEC PDP-6 and PDP-10 assembly language that supported one mono-case, six-character filename … per directory? (Yes, you read that right: Each file resided in its own separate directory.) And security was nil — for example, no passwords were required, and you could log into anyone’s active session and do pretty much anything you wanted with it.

What’s amazing is that despite being an incredible pain to use and with no security whatsoever, ITS actually was an important operating system in its day. While it was eventually forced out by the rise of Unix, many programs still in use today, such as the Emacs editor and the Lisp language, got their start on ITS.

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  1. I absolutely love windows.. Not all OS’s that came from windows were horrible.. Remember U First Gotta Start With Shit To Grow A Beautiful Flower!! I also remember the JAVA OS.. I love coding in Java.. An honestly I’m better at programming/coding JAVA then C+,C++.. I’m 30 yrs old now an I started using computers back when I was 7.. So in 1994 computers weren’t at all top of that line but way more fun to explore that free world then it is now.. .. Great Article.. An I feel ur opinions on which OS were that worst is spot on.. 100%..

    • Have you heard of node.js? ruby? python? golang? Wait have you ever heard of javascript and ajax in the browser? “I love coding in Java..”, seriously? You cracked a joke with that one, buddy…

  2. Where is CP/M? (Which DOS is based on)

    Temple OS? Made by a lone (schizofrenic) genious under the command of God. No networking, only the computer speaker soundsystem, etc.

    RedStar OS – official Linux flavour from North Korea.

    I am sure there are worse out there xS

  3. u forgot the latest operating os from MS where lots of already great stuff returned to the 70s, windows 10. “out-o-“control panel says it all


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