Xiaomi’s Redmi Brand Introduces 300W Fast Charging Technology

Xiaomi’s Redmi brand has unveiled a new fast-charging technology capable of charging a smartphone with a 4,100 mAh battery in just five minutes. This technology reaches 300W and is the fastest charge in the world, surpassing Realme’s previously announced 240W

The new charging technology has been tested on a modified Redmi Note 12 Pro+, reaching 20% battery in less than a minute, 50% in 2 minutes and 12 seconds, and 100% in just 5 minutes.

The battery materials have been slightly modified to allow this charging speed to be achieved without significantly affecting the battery’s useful life. Xiaomi claims that up to 50 security-related functions have been added to control the integrated charging chips’ voltage, current, or temperature.

Although the technology is not yet available in the market, its announcement is excellent news for fast-charging enthusiasts. The Redmi Note 12 Pro+ used in the test had a 4100 mAh battery, slightly less than the Realme model’s 4600 mAh battery. The new battery mounted on the prototype uses 15C cells. It replaces graphite with carbon to reduce the thickness of the electrodes by 35%, enabling higher density, faster loading and unloading, and reduced heat generated during operation.

The charging technology’s peak power was 290W, sustaining 280W for long periods, resulting in a fast charge. The technology’s safety is assured, with Xiaomi implementing more than 50 safety features to control temperature and voltage. It will be interesting to see how this technology progresses when it is finally implemented in a Redmi mobile.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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