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Google has announced the general availability of its YouTube Go Live Together service for iOS and Android mobile users. The new feature allows two creators to stream their video content in the same window simultaneously, making it easier for them to communicate and cooperate with their fans.

YouTube Go Live Together was initially tested with a limited number of creators in November 2022. With the full release, creators with 50 or more subscribers may invite visitors to join them in a joint stream. Guests can alternate during the stream, giving viewers a dynamic and interesting experience.

To start a joint stream, open the YouTube app, hit the “Create” button, and then pick the Go Live Together icon from the menu. This feature is presently only available on mobile devices, but YouTube has said that it is also being integrated into the desktop version of the site.

Go Live Together is a great addition to the YouTube platform, giving content creators a new option to engage with their audience and cooperate with other creators. It’s an exciting time for the YouTube community, and we can’t wait to see what creative content this new feature produces.


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