YouTube Will Introduce A Unique Name “Handle” For Each Account

YouTube has announced a new Handles feature that will allow content creators to link to their channels using the @username format. YouTubers can use this unique Handle for YouTube Shorts posts and channels and comments on other videos.

YouTube channel names aren’t unique, but Handles will be unique to each creator, making it easier to establish a distinct presence on YouTube. Channel names coexist, but Handles make it easier to mention creators, making it easier to prevent spoofing.

Starting November 14, 2022, if you haven’t selected a Handle for your channel, YouTube will automatically assign one to you, which you can change in YouTube Studio if you want. If you already have personalized URLs, your existing links will redirect to the new URLs, and you don’t need to update them.

The YouTube Handle will be released in phases, and the company will be personally alerted when the handle becomes accessible. Furthermore, it appears that the timing of when the handle becomes accessible depends on various criteria, including the popularity of the channel, the number of subscribers, and whether or not it is active.

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