New YouTube Tool Turns Long Videos Into Shorts

YouTube has announced a new tool that will allow any video on the platform to become a Short. Thus, the company wants to increase the number of short videos on the platform in order to compete more effectively with TikTok.

To publish Shorts, the user needs to select a video excerpt up to 60 seconds long using familiar editing tools. YouTube believes that short videos will increase the audience of vloggers or creators and draw attention to their content since Shorts will contain a link to the original.

Turn Long Videos Into YouTube Shorts

This feature will only be available to content creators themselves. That is, you will be able to create short videos from your videos, but other content creators will not be able to use them. And vice versa, you will not be able to use YouTube videos that are not yours to create new Shorts.

The new tool is available on the YouTube app for iOS and Android devices.

According to Google, around 1.5 billion people a month watch short videos from the YouTube Shorts section. YouTube’s short video audience has caught up with TikTok, as the TikTok audience in March 2022 was 1.6 billion people.


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