YouTube Playables is Now Available to Premium Subscribers

YouTube has introduced 'Playables', a feature integrating 37 mini-games directly into its platform for Premium subscribers, offering a diverse range of games like Angry Birds Showdown and Daily Solitaire without additional downloads.

YouTube has announced the launch of ‘Playables’, a new feature that integrates a variety of mini-games directly into its platform. This initiative, aimed at YouTube Premium subscribers, marks the video-sharing giant’s foray into the burgeoning gaming industry.

Playables, as the feature is aptly named, offers an array of 37 mini-games, accessible through both YouTube’s mobile and desktop applications. This innovative approach allows users to engage in games without the need for additional downloads or installations. The selection includes popular titles like Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, and The Daily Crossword, as well as several arcade classics, catering to a broad audience with diverse gaming preferences.

Initially trialed with a select group of users in September, YouTube has now rolled out Playables to all its Premium members. However, this gaming venture is set to be a temporary offering, with the games available only until March 28th, 2024. Premium subscribers can explore and enjoy these games in the Playables section, located under the Explore tab on YouTube.

YouTube’s entry into the gaming space with Playables places it among several tech giants who have recently ventured into this lucrative market. This trend has seen companies traditionally not associated with gaming attempting to carve out a niche for themselves. However, the path has been challenging for some. Google’s Stadia, for example, was a much-hyped project that ultimately ceased operations in January. Similarly, Amazon has scaled back its gaming ambitions, with significant job cuts in its free games division.

For YouTube Premium subscribers, accessing Playables is straightforward. On mobile devices, users can open the YouTube app, navigate to the ‘You’ tab, tap the ‘Settings’ icon, select ‘Try new features’, and enable the ‘Play games on YouTube’ option. On the web, subscribers can visit YouTube, click their profile picture, choose ‘Your Premium benefits’, and find the option to enable ‘Play games on YouTube’. The games are then available under the ‘Explore’ tab.

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