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A comprehensive guide on double VPNs and whether you really need...

Virtual Private Networks or vpn
Internet privacy has almost become a trend, and those working in the tech sector live by the security and privacy that is offered by...

5 Benefits of Integrating APIs for Your Small Business

Integrating API
There's a preconceived notion that top software solutions are only within the reach of big businesses. But that isn't the case in today's environment,...

Microsoft might release Chromium-based Edge browser for Linux

Edge browser for Linux
Microsoft is planning to release Chromium-based Edge browser for Linux users. But before the release, Microsoft is looking for Linux developers to provide feedback...

Purism Librem 5 — 100% open GNU/Linux smartphone starts shipping

Librem 5
Purism finally starts to ship Librem 5 smartphones — the phone that focuses on security by design and privacy protection — to early backers...

5 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Optimize Your Website for Voice Search
The advent of technology continually affects enterprises, whether big or small, in conceptualizing marketing strategies for their products and content. Now, a consumer's shopping...

Professional Payroll – A Growing Business’ Guide to Employee Payments

Professional Payroll
As a business owner, getting your payroll right and delivered on time every month is an absolute must. Whilst this is not something that...

Android 10 Go for entry-level smartphones comes with better speed and...

Android 10 Go
To power up entry-level smartphones, Google released new Android 10 Go with better speed and security.  Google launched Android Go Edition operating system back in...

How to Evaluate and Select an ERP System

Integrated ERP Data Systems
Today's rapidly evolving technology environment demands that businesses also evolve in their capabilities and offerings, and ERP software can help manage these demands. The...