Edge browser for Linux

Microsoft is planning to release Chromium-based Edge browser for Linux users. But before the release, Microsoft is looking for Linux developers to provide feedback on how they use web browsers in their development environment.

Sean Larson, a Technical Program Manager on the Edge team has recently sent out a survey on Twitter for Linux developers as a part of ” fleshing out requirements to bring Edge to Linux”.

The survey is short and only asks six questions:

  • When do you use Linux for web development and testing?
  • What distribution(s) of Linux is most important to you for web development and testing?
  • What scenarios do you primarily use web browsers on Linux for?
  • If you use multiple distributions for different scenarios (CI/CD, personal, work, development), please specify which ones are important to which scenarios.
  • How do you expect to install web browsers on your Linux devices?
  • Please share any other details or needs you have for a browser on Linux to meet your development, testing, and/or CI/CD needs.

It looks like Microsoft already starts working on Edge for Linux and now they are planning to beef up the browser with developer-friendly features. So if you are a developer, then you should definitely participate in this survey.


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