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8b Website Builder Review: Small Business Website in Minutes

Create a website
Today with many modern platforms, the online marketplace is evolved into something different. It doesn't matter which type of service you are providing or...

How to Recover Deleted Files from an Android on Mac?

Recover Deleted Files
When dealing with data loss on devices, it may be not only frustrating but challenging situation, especially nowadays when people store so much private...

How to choose the best video file format to convert your...

best video file format to convert
Why we all convert our video files? Maybe we want to make an unsupported media to play on other platforms or to compress its...

DXOMARK introduced a new audio testing tool

DXOMARK — a credible name in the smartphone camera benchmarking sector. Major manufacturers and consumers valued the camera testing results from DXOMARK. And...

The new Essential smartphone just looks like a TV remote

new Essential smartphone
Two years ago, we saw the first smartphone from Essential — a smartphone company by Android co-founder Andy Rubin. Now the company is going...

Ways to Optimize Your New Website for SEO

SEO Company
Optimizing your website for SEO enables you to attract traffic and provides you with numerous opportunities to convert visitors into customers. An optimized website...

PayPal is no longer a part of Facebook’s Libra Association

bypassed Paypal 2-Factor Authentication
After its announcement Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra was getting a lot of opposition from the government and now the Libra Association is facing another major...

How To Choose A Hard Drive Enclosure

Hard Drive Enclosure
You have your best personal computer, but your storage requirements seem to increase with the quantity of work you are handling, or you need...