The new Essential smartphone just looks like a TV remote

Two years ago, we saw the first smartphone from Essential — a smartphone company by Android co-founder Andy Rubin. Now the company is going debuts its next smartphone with a never-ever seen design.

The next Essential smartphone is in development and the company is calling this ‘Project Gem’ and recently Rubin tweeted some images of upcoming “Gem” which definitely not look like any smartphone out there.

The phone comes with an unusually long and slim design, just like a TV remote, where instead of buttons Gem comes with a long touchscreen with slim bezels all around.

The device looks extremely small and comfy in the hand. It also has a large button, which may be a home button and volume rocker on the right edge and a fingerprint divot around back, below what appears to be a single main camera and a hole-punch cutout on the top left corner of the screen for the selfie camera.

Also from images, you can see, the device has some unquestionably ostentatious finishes that change color when you view them at different angles.

The phone is going to reframe everyone’s perspective on mobile. According to Rubin, this is a new form factor and hence it would require a user interface.

The phone is still in the development phase, so it may take a few months to hit the market.

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