Adobe Launches Free Web Version Of Photoshop

Adobe has begun testing the free version of Photoshop online and plans to open the service to the public to introduce the application to more users.

The free version is currently being tested in Canada. There, users can access it through a free Adobe account. 

Although, Adobe plans to remove several features from the free version and only provide them through a paid subscription. However, free access will provide enough tools for basic image editing tasks.

Web Version Of Photoshop

The first web version of Photoshop was released to the general public last October. The web version of Photoshop is designed to show users some of the features of the editor and attract new paying subscribers. Adobe is promoting its other products in a similar way, such as Fresco and Express. 

No specific date has been given for when the free web version of Photoshop will be available outside of Canada.

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