Apple Device Analytics Includes The Identification Of iCloud User Data

A new report claims that Apple’s device analytics contains information like how a device is used, its performance, features, etc., that can directly link device data to a specific user, despite Apple’s claims that statistics are anonymized.

On Twitter, Mysk analyst said that Apple’s device analytics data contained an ID called “dsId.” This stands for Directory Services Identifier. Analysis revealed that the dsId identifiers are unique for each iCloud account and can be directly linked to a specific user, such as name, date of birth, email, and other iCloud information.

On Apple’s Device Analytics and Privacy Legal page, data acquired from devices for analytics purposes cannot be linked back to an individual user. It may include details about specifications, performance statistics, and data about how you use your device and applications. According to the firm, none of the information gathered is individually identifiable.

Apple does say that if a user opts in to send analytics information from multiple devices enrolled in the same iCloud account, they can “match some Apple app usage data on those devices by syncing using end-to-end encryption”. However, Apple states that the user remains unidentifiable to Apple.

Apple has historically taken a tough stance on user privacy, repeatedly insisting that privacy is a “fundamental human right.” Apple’s privacy claims have come under increasing scrutiny in recent months.

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