Apple M2 Processor For Computers Is Already In Production And Would Arrive In July

Rumors about the successor to Apple’s successful M1 chip do not stop. The next-gen ARM-based SoC, likely called “M2,” would already be in production, according to Nikkei Asia.

The Japanese media says that Apple’s new M2 processor would already be in production for a debut in the second half of the year on new MacBook Pro models.

The new generation of Apple Silicon chips is being manufactured by TSMC. The Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer is reportedly using its improved 5-nanometer photolithographic process for the M2. The new generation of chips, like the current one, would be integrated with CPU, GPU, and other elements.

This would be the great turning point for the Apple Silicon project since although the M1 chip and its ARM architecture have proven to be a technological advance in the industry, they still have a way to go.

At the moment, there are no certain details on the qualities of this Apple M2, but in the past, when it was rumored the arrival of an alleged M1X, it was written that it would be based on 12 cores (eight high-performance Firestorms and four Ice Storms at higher efficiency) and a GPU equipped with 16 cores and support for three screens, all seasoned with the possibility of adopting up to 32 GB of LPDDR4X-4266 memory. 

And this 8-core processor in both its GPU and its CPU has proven to be a beast, with very good performance and great energy efficiency. The problem is that they are still certainly limited in some respects — they are not capable of, for example, outperforming the Intel processors in their desktop range.

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