Apple Unveils Powerful M2 Ultra Chip for Mac Pro and Mac Studio at WWDC 2023

At the WWDC 2023, Apple made an exciting announcement for professional users by introducing the new M2 Ultra chip. This advanced chip has been specifically developed for workstations, Mac Pro and Mac Studio, targeting the needs of power users and creative professionals.

The Apple M2 Ultra chip follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the M1 Ultra, by utilizing a similar architecture. It combines two M2 Max chips through cutting-edge technology called “Ultra Fusion.” This innovative approach employs a silicon interposer, establishing a “die-to-die interconnect” that seamlessly integrates over 10,000 signals. This results in an impressive low-latency processor-to-processor bandwidth of over 2.5TB/s.

Apple M2 Ultra features

With a design that mirrors the M2 Max chip, the Apple M2 Ultra chip boasts 24 CPU cores and up to 76 GPU cores. The chip is manufactured using TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process and incorporates a staggering 134 billion transistors. The M2 Ultra chip offers a 20% increase in CPU performance and a 30% boost in GPU performance compared to its predecessor, the M1 Ultra.

Amidst the era of artificial intelligence, Apple recognizes the importance of efficient AI processing. The M2 Ultra chip is equipped with a powerful 32-core neural engine to meet these demands. This enhanced neural engine significantly accelerates AI calculations by 40% compared to the M1 Ultra chip.

Furthermore, the M2 Ultra chip impresses with its expanded memory capabilities. It supports up to 192GB of unified memory, a 50% increase compared to the M1 Ultra chip. This significant memory capacity will undoubtedly empower professionals to tackle resource-intensive tasks and easily handle complex workflows.

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